Swedish Startup Friendbase to Exhibit at Collision Conference in New Orleans May 3rd

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3 min readMay 1, 2017


Friendbase, a social gaming virtual world, has been selected as an Alpha Startup for the prestigious Collision conference. Collision, “America’s Fastest Growing Startup Conference,” takes place in New Orleans from May 2nd to May 4th and features a diverse range of startups, speakers, and investors from across the globe.

As part of being selected as an Alpha Startup, Friendbase will be exhibiting on the second day of the conference (Wednesday, May 3rd; Booth A204). Friendbase, a versatile platform where users chat, create, and play as friendly avatars, is attending Collision to build additional partnerships for content and delivery.

The Friendbase world is populated by users (13+) across the world who make new friends, take fun quizzes, and play games together. As opposed to a stand-alone app or game, Friendbase is an extremely flexible platform that is continually evolving with additional content and experiences for its users. The company has made safety features an essential part of the Friendbase experience, to create an environment that is both welcoming and vibrant.

The Friendbase world contains an expanding array of games for members to play.

CEO and Co-founder Debbie Lygonis is flying in from Sweden to attend Collision and is excited to make a greater impact in the United States. She will be joined by Friendbase’s head of Trust & Safety, David Ryan Polgar, who is based in America. “The US represents the second largest group of users in Friendbase after Brazil,” says Lygonis. “We would love to find partners to be able to further grow this exciting market.” Prior to the Collision selection, Friendbase took part in the TINC incubator program (Nordic Innovation House) this past Fall in Silicon Valley.

Up to this point, the growth for Friendbase has organically derived from the passion of its users. As a testament to the enthusiasm for the social gaming platform, Lygonis points to the over forty thousand likes on Friendbase’s Facebook page. What is more thrilling for Lygonis, however, is the wide range of fan pages that have cropped up outside of the official Friendbase page. This allows a constant flow of innovative ideas and desired tweaks directly from the Friendbase community.

Similar to the constant feedback Friendbase receives directly from its users, the Friendbase team is looking forward to receiving feedback and ideas from Collision attendees. Friendbase is excited to meet new collaborators and potential investors at this year’s Collision conference. “Friendbase is ready to grow,” says Lygonis. “And Collision is the right place for us to find the right partners.”



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friendbase chat

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