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2 min readNov 3, 2019

Friendbase initiates collaboration across borders

Combining business with social good by collaborating with game developers world wide. Announcing our first collaboration!

Friendbase, an online community developed in Sweden, has since 2014 grown to reach members in more than 100 countries across the world. The global reach has led to the platform becoming a meeting place for young people that see beyond borders to create new friendships.

With a global digital reach, Friendbase is now taking the next step in uniting people across borders by working actively with game developers from all over the world to add vibrant and fun content to Friendbase.

Deborah Lygonis, CEO of Friendbase says “Through our expansion in Latin America and the Middle East our team has been invited to conferences and events held in these regions, often as the only Swedish company. At the events we meet local game studios, run by young, ambitious developers who have founded their companies to build a future in a global digital world. We see we can combine business with social good by collaborating with game developers from these regions”.

The first formal collaboration has started with the Libyan game developer Techneon Group aiming to release 1–2 hyper casual games per month for Friendbase. Techneon Group is the first registered game studio in Libya and one objective is to create jobs for young people in the creative industries. To better serve the growing games market in the MENA region, Friendbase has opened up an office in Istanbul.

“The aim is to release 100 hyper casual games yearly through a network of game developers from across the world and we aim to break the 10 million member barrier during 2020” adds Melika Sanati, Manager for the MENA region and director of the Istanbul office.

For more information, please contact

Deborah Lygonis
Melika Sanati
Moaad Zagozie

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