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Friendbase and MemoMoti join forces to empower joyful and engaging learning through user created quizzes

Friendbase takes another step towards creating a vibrant, fun and entertaining virtual world for teens across the world with current features such as chat, design and mini-games. As a next step the company will implement a quiz feature where members can create their own quizzes and challenge their friends wherever they are in the Friendbase world. In addition, there will be a learning centre, where educators can create quizzes based on the school curriculum. The Friendbase members can take the quizzes and earn in game currency to be used for assets.

Deborah Lygonis, CEO and founder of Friendbase says; “We are moving more and more towards user generated content (UGC) and this is a natural next step for us. With the MemoMoti platform we have all features required to allow our members to create fun and challenging quizzes on their own. As we roll out Friendbase 2.0, UGS will play a more central role, something that has already got us looking at adding a UGS marketplace in the near future as well”.

The MemoMoti platform is created by Luxemburg based company EduGamiTec.

“I believe that the best way of learning is to have fun, in an accepting, entertaining environment by using the tools of our choice.” -says Györgyi Szakmár, CEO and Founder of EduGamiTec — “Cooperation between Memomoti and Friendbase is a perfect example of how playing, creation, and building relationships does not preclude but even reinforce the acquisition of new knowledge. We look forward to this new adventure where two like-minded teams are working hand in hand to create something unique for the good of the future generation!”

About Friendbase

Friendbase AB is an award-winning social platform company based in Gothenburg, Sweden and Istanbul Turkey. The company’s first product is Friendbase, an avatar based social network, a fun packed chat world where young people from all over the world meet new friends, play games and learn.

For more information please contact: Deborah Lygonis at

About MemoMoti

MemoMoti is a scalable technology and community platform at the center of an educational, media and gaming ecosystem created by EduGamiTec. The MemoMoti platform allows learners, parents, teachers, publishers, game developers and digital media businesses to easily combine educational content with the latest and most entertaining games and media content to make learning joyful and motivating.

For more information please contact: Gyorgyi Szakmar at



friendbase chat

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