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3 min readFeb 19, 2019


The Swedish startup Friendbase has signed a collaboration agreement with the Austrian startup Vision Education. The partnership aims to provide young people from all over the world fun and educational language learning tools.

To start with both companies will be doing cross branding on their respective apps, but it is the collaborations intention to integrate each others content over time, so LearnMatch becomes an in-game experience for the Friendbase users. This will enable LearnMatch to reach a very large number of users and will add gamified content to the Friendbase offer.

Founder and CEO of Friendbase Deborah Lygonis says “LearnMatch is the perfect match for our users. The combination of learning a new language through games and challenges is just what we are looking for.”.

With thousands of active members in Friendbase, the partnership stands to provide a large boost for LearnMatch as well. LearnMatch is on a growth path and the markets they have chosen in this first campaign aligns well with the ones Friendbase are targeting. The first campaigns will roll out in Brazil, Turkey, Egypt and India.

CEO of LearnMatch says “We are pleased with the perfect fit between Friendbase and LearnMatch. Our companies strive for the same goal: We both want to make successful learning a joyful experience. Fun is just another word for learning and this is why our learners engage where their passion is. Thus we ensure success because the content playfully gets under their skin and into the long term memory.”

The Friendbase LearnMatch campaign will be released at the end of February.

About Friendbase
Friendbase is a virtual world for teens where they can meet new friends and play games. The company has recently initiated a research project with University West in Sweden aiming to build new tool-sets for the social gaming industry, using gamification and AI to create positive reinforcements of decent behavior online in an attempt to make the online world a friendlier place.

For more information about Friendbase; contact Deborah Lygonis +46 708 330089

About Vision Education
Founded in 2016, Vision Education launched two important language learning apps in the late 2017:

“LearnMatch” — a sponsor-financed app with outstanding and unique features, including 6 learning languages, based on 34 native languages and a unique “LiveMatch” feature. In combination with multilingual customizable dictionaries LearnMatch´s social learning increases fun. Regular competitions, a great amount of exercise types and multiple gamification elements take the vocabulary trainer to a new social learning and community level and motivate users to sustainable learning. A new personalized dictionary features make the app appealing for English learners of all language levels.

“LearnMatch Business” — a B2B language learning app for vocational language learning, which is focused on companies in German-speaking countries with a high proportion of migrants in a first step. Industry-solutions for the cleaning, elderly care and automotive sector have already been launched within the app having a major positive impact on employee qualification, increased safety and ultimately the productivity of the companies that license the app for their employees.



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